Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alpha User?

These are the users who helped support Pictalk by signing up when we first opened the site to the public. We recognize their contribution to making Pictalk a success by designating them as Alpha Users (Alpha icon in front of their username).

Where is Pictalk located?

Pictalk is located in Scottsdale, Arizona where it was developed by a small group of dedicated developers – "Made in America".

Media Inquiries?

To schedule an interview with Pictalk, please contact:

What does Pictalk do with the private information it collects?

We respect our user’s privacy. We do not sell user data to 3rd parties. All information is stored on servers located in the USA. You can review our Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact to assist me when I have a question about using Pictalk?

Email us at and we will respond directly to you.

How do I report a bug or provide user feedback to Pictalk?

Email us at and we will respond directly to you.

How do I report content that violates Pictalk Community Standards?

Mobile: Select the Down Arrow in the top right corner of the content. Then select the Report Post option.

Desktop: Click on the context menu, indicated by a button-like icon of 3 horizontal dots located in the bottom right corner of the content. Then select the Report Content option.

Select the relevant offensive content types. Please verify the content is in violation of the Pictalk Community Standards.

Does Pictalk have DM’s (Direct Messaging)?

You can use the Private Post icon located in the bottom right corner of the User’s Bio Block located at the top of each user’s Profile Page. This icon is not displayed for those users who are under the age of 18.

The Private Post allows you the ability to select from the same options when creating a Crosstalk Post; adding images or a video, links to articles, etc.

You may use comments/replies to continue corresponding on the same Private Post.

You can also display all of your private posts by selecting the Private Post filter located on your Profile or Feed pages (Desktop only).

Why doesn't a user show up in search results?

Users will not appear if the birthday they provided makes them less than 18 years old

They will also not show up in search if they have blocked you.

How to share from Pictalk?

If there's content on Pictalk that you'd like to share on other platforms, you can copy the URL in your browser's address bar and paste it into the desired site/app.

If the content is a Connect post, a collection, or an image in a collection, then please check the privacy as the owner of the content may have limited who can see it.

How do I edit my banner image?

Banners are used on the Profile and Group pages.

The optimum ratio for a banner is 4:1. An image with a 4:1 ratio is four times as wide as it is tall--sometimes considered panoramic. Such an image will fit perfectly without any need to reposition it after uploading.

How do I change the cropping/position?

After uploading an image with a different ratio, Pictalk allows you to reposition the image and preview how other users will see it.

With the mouse over the image, click and drag vertically (up or down) until the desired position is attained.

Profile Page - Stats

How are the "Total Follower" and "Following" counts determined?

There are two ways to follow in Pictalk:

So it is possible to have a following count of 2 if you are following both the user and that same user's albums.


Can I like a CrossTalk post?

You cannot like a Crosstalk Post but you can "Up Vote" or "Down Vote" it. You can like comments attached to a CrossTalk post.

Can I like a CrossTalk View?

You cannot Like a View but you can select "Relevant" or "Not Relevant". You can like replies attached to a View.

What content am I following when I choose to follow another user?

You will only be following their CrossTalk posts, and may separately follow their albums or specific albums.


What are "titles"?

The term "titles" is used for the number of active collections and sub-collections you own.

Do I have to follow all of another user's albums?

You may follow one or more specific Albums or "All Albums" for a given user.


Where are stats for Group Posts?

Stats for Group Posts are combined with the Connections stats. A Group Post is a type of Connect Post.

Last Updated: May 9, 2019

These guidelines are for parties wishing to submit a legal inquiry (as defined below) to Pictalk. Where you wish to submit a legal inquiry, please follow the guidelines listed below. As legal inquiries may take time to review and process, please be patient as we will attempt to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.


Only certain parties may be eligible to submit a legal inquiry. Such eligible parties may include law enforcement, a government agency, a lawyer representing a criminal defendant, or a civil litigant. A “legal inquiry” means a subpoena, court order, legal law/requirement, or other legally compelling document submitted to Pictalk. Legal inquiries may be made via


Upon receipt of a legal inquiry Pictalk will review such inquiry to determine whether it meets the relevant legal or statutory requirements. Where the legal inquiry meets all requirements Pictalk may comply with the request of the inquirer. Pictalk may request additional information from the inquirer prior to responding or taking any action related to the inquirer’s legal inquiry. Notice

Where a legal inquiry has occurred, Pictalk shall in most cases notify the account in question so that the account holder may take any legal action as necessary. Pictalk shall attempt to contact the account via the Pictalk platform or via any email associated with the account. Exceptions to such notice may include emergencies regarding imminent threats to persons or lives, criminal activities, child sexual exploitation, legally required non-disclosure, or terrorism.

Pictalk’s Response

Upon determination that a legal inquiry is valid, Pictalk shall respond to the inquiry in the manner requested or in the manner deemed appropriate by Pictalk. Pictalk’s response may differ depending on the jurisdiction of the inquirer or the actions requested within the legal inquiry.