Pictalk Partners Program

The Program

The Pictalk Partners Program is intended for users who create exciting and engaging content. Users who love sharing such content with the Pictalk community and have created a sizable following can be monetarily rewarded based on their ability to engage with the Pictalk community. Simply put, users can earn a monthly income based on the number of Qualified Followers (defined below) they have at the end of each month.

“Qualified Followers” are users of the Pictalk platform who currently have a paid subscription with Pictalk excluding any Alpha users and any users on a Pictalk free trial.

The Benefits

Users that are accepted into the Pictalk Partners Program may have access to:


Users accepted into the Pictalk Partner Program can generate revenue from their content creation within the Pictalk community on a monthly basis based on the number of unique and shared Qualified Followers they have.

Currently, the monthly revenue that a Pictalk Partner user may be eligible to earn is:

For example, a Pictalk Partner user has 50,000 Qualified Followers with 20,000 users being Unique Qualified Followers. In addition, the total Shared Qualified Followers are 300,000. A Pictalk Partner will be eligible to earn the following monthly revenue:

Who Qualifies

Pictalk is looking for users that create exciting and engaging content that will help grow the Pictalk community. In order to be accepted into the Pictalk Partner Program, a user must “Opt In” to participate in the program via their Pictalk account. Users must have a minimum of 50,000 Qualified Followers at the end of each calendar month, be over the age of 18, and have the ability to set up online payment. Please be aware the criteria listed above are the minimum requirements for users and users may be subject to additional eligibility requirements at Pictalk’s discretion.

Projected Start Date: To be announced.